Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lacey Update

Lacey, our Broody Buff Orpington Hennie, is staying on her Nest. She started out with 12 Eggs. She now has 11 Eggs, one of which is cracked but seems sealed so far.

Apparently Hens on the Nest sometimes eat their own Eggs. While that sounds gross and disgusting, the Hens surely must have their own reasons. The ones we know of include: the Hen needs Protein; the Hen "disposes" of a Cracked Egg.

We are leaving Lacey mostly to herself. We followed her a little too closely earlier in the Summer. These days, we are very busy with Harvest and other matters on the Farm. She is probably grateful about this new approach of her Humans. I can imagine her saying: "Oh, Dear. Here they come again. Can't they just leave a Mother Hennie alone?"

Assuming all goes well, the Chicks should begin to hatch on Sunday, July 26. We are excited.

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