Monday, July 20, 2009


We picked Green Beans today. Gee, they are absolutely beautiful. Assuming the Weather is favorable and we get some Rain which is predicted tonight, our little Bean Patch should continue to offer us Green Beans. Richard and I are pondering a question though.

You see those little Tails on the Green Beans, where the Flowers were? Why do we pick those Tails off before we eat them? Is it a Family or a Regional Practice?

Years ago, we remember eating at a Fancy Schmancy Restaurant in the Twin Cities that featured "Farm Fresh Green Beans". That Fancy Schmancy Restaurant did not pick the Tails off. In fact, they left the Green Beans whole, steamed them, and arranged them beautifully along with the Entre' on the Plate. Somehow, the practice seemed fitting for an upscale Restaurant.

We muse on possible explanations, most of which are whimsical. Is there a different taste associated with the Tails? Do we do it just because that is what Mama and Papa always did and they knew what was best to do? Do those Tails tickle on the way down? Once upon a time, some practices probably had a good reason. But maybe they don't now.

Why do we snap those Tails off?

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