Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Melanie returned from Grand Forks Last Night. She had done a whirlwind Magical Tour in the North Country which included attending her 20th Class Reunion, among other very special Visits. Some Visits were planned and others not.

Until 2 years ago, our Family had spent 32 years in Grand Forks, so our Roots there go deep. While Grand Forks is no longer our Geographical Home, it will always be "Home" for us in our Hearts. We fell in Love with the Land and we have so many people in the North Country whom we cherish.

After she arrived home, Melanie briefed us on who she had seen and how they were. We got much needed sleep last night. And Bingo, the Briefing continued today. Plus, we had more Questions besides. While Richard and I did not go, we were eager for every little Tidbit of News. In hearing her Stories, we felt like we too had gone without leaving the Farm.

When I think about the meaning of this precious visit, I think about words like Glowing and Sparkling. That 1st Spring rain washes away the dust and grime; things turn a tender sweet green; everything glows with remarkable energy. This little excursion brought Melanie Home to the Farm just Glowing. Hearing of so many of the Ones that we have known and loved meant that Richard and I are glowing too. We all feel radiant. We stepped into a place of Great Love, both Giving and Receiving.

Isn't that the way that Life is supposed to be, every Day, every Minute of each Day? We shall work on that.

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