Monday, July 6, 2009


If one must mow Grass, surely one can find a benefit for its Demand of Labor, Time, use of Machine, use of Fuel, contribution to Carbon Load on the Planet. (We do not use Chemicals or Water.)

Richard is mowing on the East Side as I Blog away. (I will be headed out as soon as my Fingers quit clattering away at these Keys.) Richard and Melanie are working in tandem. He collects the Grass Clippings, while she weeds and prepares Beds. She places a thick layer of Grass Clippings around the Plants.

The Clippings seemingly melt down on top of the Soil. Weed Seedlings are suppressed. Soil Moisture is retained. The Nutrients taken by the Grass are returned to the Soil. It is as simple as that. (Please note that we use no Chemicals on our Grass, which is very important to consider in the application of Mulch on Garden Plants whose Produce the Gardener plans to eat.)

In the photo above, you will see a glimpse of the West Yard, where Grass Clippings surround the Plants and Birdbath. Four Prairie Plants are featured: Swamp Milkweed (at back on left), Butterfly Weed (Orange), Purple Coneflower (Pink), Coreopsis (Yellow). The former 2 Plants are hosts for Monarch Butterflies.

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