Friday, July 31, 2009

Quiet, Gentle Day

Today was a Busy Day, yet a Quiet, Gentle Day. It had its own Rhythm and Flow. In fact, the Day seemed to have its own "Ease".

We recognized Yesterday on a deep level that we 3 Humans need Rest and that the coming Weeks are likely to bring some extraordinary Demands. We did rest yesterday. And something else happened; I should be hard pressed to describe it. We seemed to have a kind of Peace today, going with the Flow, but not getting in a Flurry about it.

No, the Plumber did not come. That means we are going easy on our Kitchen Sink which is in the area where the problem is. That makes Preserving and Fixing Meals interesting. We are doing Dishes in 2 Stainless Steel Pans. Rather than sending the used Water to the Lagoon, we are carrying the Pans with "Gray Water" to various Trees and Shrubs which would like a Drink. I think they like this new routine.

Richard picked Peaches earlier in the Week. We stored them in the Peach Boxes that we brought from North Dakota. Those Peach Boxes are Treasures.

Each day, we sort through the Peaches to process those that are ready. Richard and Melanie went through the Peaches and selected out small batches to Can and Freeze today. We are doing a "Little at a Time" which seems like a more restful process.

In the meantime, we sampled some Fresh Peaches. We just couldn't resist. I had Sliced Peaches on my Cereal this Morning with Fresh Cream. Gee, were those Peaches good. No, we don't have near the number on our Little Tree that we had last year, but we are grateful for every one.
I am really proud of my Dry Edible Bean Crop. I have about a Dozen Varieties planted, not counting other Varieties in various sections of the Garden. Considering the Patch has so many varieties, I now want to keep track of how those varieties grow. Richard made Stakes for me to mark the Rows.
The Hennies produced more Eggs today. Lula, a pretty Buff Orpington Hennie, has been laying hers in the Shed which is outside the Fence which is supposed to hold all of the Chickens in the East Yard. Melanie thinks that she is getting picked on.

I found the neatest Basket on Wednesday at an area Thrift Store. I gave it to Melanie for an early Birthday Present. I just couldn't wait.

The Basket is an "old Egg Basket". Melanie took it on a test drive today. The Basket is not flat on the bottom. Because of its shape, the Eggs are carefully held so they will not break. By the way, those little Colorful Eggs on the bottom are actually Wooden. No, our Chickens are not laying Eggs that small, even the Pullets.

As I look at this little Basket, I wonder the Stories that it could tell. I wonder the Stories it will tell from this Little Farm.

Yes, it was a quiet, gentle Day. For me, I think the biggest thing was beginning to let go of some Expectations and recognizing that I may not get everything done. But I will get done what is meant to be.

Why do Humans push themselves to the limits that so many of us do? Why are we Humans so hard on ourselves? It seems to me that we push ourselves beyond the Limits of our Resources and into Exhaustion. We do not know our Limits. We do the same to the Earth. We have a choice about these things. This Quiet, Gentle Day has been about embracing these things.

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Sue said...

What a lovely post. I agree that at times we need a rest, and it reflects later on after we've had that. I wish I could "keep" that peaceful feeling afterwards, but it isn't long until I'm back to rush, rush, rush. Sigh.