Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weeding Cane

July 8:

Melanie, Richard, and I headed to the Sorghum Cane in the Big Garden after Dinner. The Cane beckoned our combing out the Weeds. Competition cuts down on growth, which of course is a no-no.

Weeds in the Rows were: Flower of the Hour, Smartweed, Foxtail varieties, Ragweed, Butterprint. I continue to be amazed at how the Weeds go into hiding. You think you have cleaned out a section, and right there in front of our noses is a Weed standing ever so quietly, tall, and pretty. "You can't see me." Since Sorghum Cane is a Grass, those look alike Grasses are especially challenging.

Of course, we have wearied of all the Weeding these past few weeks, but we are really making progress. At last. We've had some help with the Weeding from the 2 Rachels, Meghan, and Jonathan. We are deeply grateful.

Those 12-150 foot Rows are long. It helps to do such work together. Plus, we keep our noses to the ground and just pull out one Weed at a time. By the time we were done this evening, we have 8 of the 12 Rows complete. Richard noted that he will need to run the Rototiller soon as the Weeds are coming up in the middle of the Rows again.

Assuming all goes well, the Cane will soon be tall enough to shade and outcompete the Weeds. This early stage is critical to the success of the Crop.

While we weeded the Rows, we were attended by Chickens who were delighted with the possibilities of what we might be stirring up. They provided a little company and entertainment for the Weeders. "Did you find anything good?"

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