Friday, July 24, 2009

Lacey's Got Babies

Melanie came running in earlier and announced that our Lovely Hennie Lacey was hatching her Baby Chicks. In short order, we all headed out to the Brooder House.

When we 3 were assembled, Melanie carefully lifted Lacey off the Clutch of Eggs. Sure enough, 3 had hatched. One was all dried off and fluffy. Lacey kept poking that Little One underneath her. Another was just out and still wet. A 3rd had hatched but did not make it. Two Eggs were pipped (which means that the Little Ones inside were making their introduction into the World).

We watched for a little while. Lacey let us know that she would like her privacy during this time. As excited as we were, we Newbie Farmers fresh still from the City gave her the respect that she is due.

Later, we wondered what we should do while we waited. Should we prepare announcements? (I guess this is a start.) Should we knit scarves, hats, booties? (I think Lacey and the Baby Peeps will have that covered.) In the end, we decided that we should just make Supper for the Humans. And so we are.

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