Monday, October 19, 2009

The Body Knows

I have watched a Miracle, many times over. But 1st, a little background. The thoughts below are my own, and most assuredly not universally held. I hope others are struggling to make sense of these things, because our Lives and our Health depend upon it. And the Lives of all those who follow too.

Conventional Food to which many are accustomed is largely "Dead Food". The Food lacks Living Energy to support Life. It comes from impoverished Soils, propped up by Chemicals of Corporate Science focused more on bottom line than on feeding precious Living Beings. It is produced by Farmers and Workers who must accept Pittance. Many are angry for their treatment and they are afraid. That energy goes into that "Food". Animals are kept in deplorable circumstances. They are angry and fearful too. We eat the Flesh that has held that energy. The "Food" is raised far from the point it is consumed. It is better suited for transport than consumption by Living Beings.


In the 1960s and 1970s, I remember that Richard's Mother used to talk about that "old Store Bought Food". She would get that wrinkle to her nose and that look: "How come no one knows or questions that this is Food?"

She was no stranger to Real Food and Food Production. She lived on a Farm and she was a master at producing Vegetables, Fruits, Meats for her Family which included 4 growing Boys. She wanted nothing less than the best for her Family. (Isn't that what we are supposed to do?) Consequently, as her Boys were grown and off the Farm, she would gather packages of Food that she had raised with her own Hands and have them waiting for us as we arrived "fresh from the City". At that stage, I did not get it. It took me many years until I did.

By the mid 90s, I was getting a taste for "Real Food": Food grown without Chemicals, Food grown guaranteeing a Fair Wage, Food where Animals were Humanely Treated, Food where the Soils were taken Care of, Food from Local Farmers whom I knew by name. Over time, we grew more and more of our Food. That Fresh Tomato from our Garden beat the Storebought one hands down.

Over time, we 3 C's gave up on most conventionally raised Food. That surely is the basis for growing our own Food on this Little Farm. We don't like the taste of conventional Food. I would call it "empty". I don't like the way I feel afterwards. Bizarre tastes, exotic flavors, sugar, bright colors are used to hide what is not there. When I get lost going down the aisles in the Conventional Grocery Store, I find myself face to face with boxes of stuff sold as Food. It is increasingly unrecognizable to me. I know it would be unrecognizable to Richard's Mother. She would ask: "What are they feeding my Children, my Grandchildren, my Great Grandchildren?" That's a good question.

And so what is the Miracle? We 3 C's have been in a position to serve "Real Food" to others. We have also been with others who have done the same thing. People act differently around the table when Real Food is present. The Chatter often ceases. People dive right in. And they eat as if they have not eaten before or for a very long time. It is as if they had been negotiating a long voyage across a desert with little to eat. When faced with "Real Food", the Food just disappears. While in other circumstances, they might be a bit reserved about taking the last bite, that just doesn't happen around that table.

The Miracle is that the Body knows Real Food when we are presented with it. Just imagine the health and vitality that we would experience if we had this all that time. Never mind the health and vitality of this Planet. In consideration of the Divine Gift of Life we were given, surely that is what was intended. That is a Future to work towards.

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