Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tanks, Part 1

Years ago, my Father taught me that Drivers must care well for their Vehicles. Among other things, I learned from him that I needed to match the Fuel and Oil to exactly what the Car needed. If I didn't, the Car would not run as well, would not last as long, and would not be the trusty Companion for my Extended Adventures into the World. Over the years, his Insights proved right on Target. He surely knew what he was talking about.

While this Insight is pretty common (or at least I think it should be), I have often wondered if People consider the Fuel they put in their Own Tanks. More specifically, I would be concerned about the "Tanks" of Children. Over the years, I have watched the increasingly Highly Processed, Sugared and Greasy "Foods" Children put into their "Tanks".

I see their supposedly loving and watchful Parents dutifully standing by as their Children eat what their Parents provide them. Those Plastic Meals make me cringe. I am not even sure they should be called "Food".

Why do I cringe? Children are in very critical stages of Development from Prenatal through Teen Years. At those critical stages of Development, certain Nutrients (and I would add Clean Water and Pure Air) need to be present for them to grow in the Healthy Patterns the Creator intended. Those Children (our Children) are laying down a Blue Print that will serve them for Life. We hope and pray their Lives will be healthy, whole and complete, but many Parents do not provide the essentials. If those essentials are missing, gaps will be present in their Development. Some will show up immediately, others may not show up until later into Adulthood.

Yikes. Their Tanks may be full, but they may not be getting what they need. What are we doing? How do we stop? How do we change?

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