Monday, October 26, 2009

Not So Different After All

Fall's Peak of Color is now past. While the varied and rich Tapestry of Colors is still present, the intense Colors of just a few days ago are fading. Fall Rains have surely accelerated the dimming of the Palette's Colors.

When I walk in the Woods or observe those Lovely Groves of Trees from my cozy warmth on the other side of our New Windows, I often see a flurry of Leaves cascading down. With this stage of their Life Cycle complete, it is their time to let go and free fall.

Many of the Trees are now bare. Still others are holding a few Leaves which just don't seem to want to let go. The Fallen Leaves that were vibrant earlier are now biodegrading and providing nourishment back to the Earth. That makes sense. The Earth is the Mother from which they came.

The Browns of Late Fall and Early Winter are more evident now. Yet, in the middle of this shift, Seeds are being tossed about. Some of the Seeds have long since left the Mother Plants and sit in their designated places positioned to grow yet another Generation on the Rich Moist Earth.

While pondering these things over doing Dishes this Evening, I noted that the Setting Sun is fading on His Walk South on the Western Horizon. These past few Weeks, the Intensity of the Sun's Heat has been waning rapidly. The Brilliance of the Sunsets seems more a Bonfire that is fast completing its Cycle too.

I see a parallel of these panoramas in Nature that I can no longer deny. While many in my Culture seem to split Humans from the Earth and Natural Cycles, the Human Community seems not so different after all.

Last Friday, I was in the presence of several older Folks of the same vintage as Mother. Almost all had buried Mates. Others were the last of Siblings, and in many cases large Families of Siblings.

I was very aware of the Remaining Fragments of an Earlier Generation, once vibrant like those before, but now fading. Yes, they are now Elderly. And yes, they are Frail. In that moment, I could see their Frail Lights Fading. Even as I write this Blog, I am aware that some of those Lights have recently gone out or are now flickering.

I seem to be watching the passing of a Generation, with the next Generations now moving up to take their own place. In this Fading, I see the Celebration and the Vibrancy of the Glorious Cycle of Life, extending since Time Began and hopefully, far far into the Future Light.

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