Monday, October 26, 2009

No Regrets

Once upon a time, I became very aware that I came with a myriad of Questions. In that earlier time, I was a Child who came with the Unlimited Freedom and Openness to Question: "What is?" " What should be?"

Over the years, my Culture which was my World Around Me dashed those questions. I was taught to color dutifully between the lines. I didn't always do so well, but I gave it my best. Overall, I am happy to report that My Culture's Program which was designed to create a Monoculture of Mind did not work with me.

About 20 years ago, I became aware that those Questions had not gone away. In fact, they were present in every Breath and Step I took. They were persistent, and sometimes intense. I could not walk away. They followed me wherever I went. They were a yearning that was to be fulfilled.

I came to know that those Questions were about making Meaning of Life. They were about Living my Life to its Fullest, which is what All Beings are intended.

At that time, I began to take stock of the Human Groups of which I was a part. Some dashed my questions as in those earlier years. I began to distance and sometimes to disengage from those Relationships and those Groups. They were like a Pair of Shoes that no longer fit.

As time went on, I took on more and more of those Questions. It was as if I took a leap into the vast unknown. Sometimes the Questions went into Deep and Dark Places. Other times they went into places of Imagination, Wonder, Whimsy, and Play. My Spirit began to dance in the spaces that it was intended. I have no regrets.

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