Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gardening Tidbits

We need to watch the times when the Locals perform their Gardening Tasks. We really need to get our Antenna out on this one. For example, 3 Gardeners have talked about harvesting Sweet Potatoes in these last 2 weeks. We did not pick up on it. We simply missed the Clues.

The Rains came. Digging Sweet Potatoes in Mud is not the best idea for Gardeners or Garden or Sweet Potatoes for that matter.

We 3 C's wonder if Fall Rains are common in these parts. There seems to be a window of opportunity for Harvest and preparation for Next Year's Garden just before those Rains. As another example, I left my Mayflower Beans in the Garden too long. As a result, I have some but I lost a lot due to mold. I don't want to do that again.

So on Next Year's list, listen to those Clues all around. As relative Newbies to Gardening in these parts, we surely do know that is important. As examples, get the Sweet Potatoes out before the Rains and all those Dry Edible Beans too.

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