Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Yesterday, Richard worked on cleaning the Rock Wall. He used Vacuum, Broom, Brushes, Water, Old Tooth Brushes, Rags. 1st, he went over the surface, cleaning out the excess Mortar "crumbs". We borrowed the term "crumbs" from the Kitchen. In fact, Melanie is making Bread Crumbs for Eggplant Parmesan as I clatter away at these keys. Stone Masons of the Old Cloth probably had a different term.

2nd: The Mortar had "wicked" onto the surface of the Stones leaving a white surface and interfering with the original Beauty of the Stones. Richard carefully cleaned each and every Stone with Water, Brushes and a fair amount of Elbow Grease. We laughed when we thought that Our Dentist would look closely and wonder deeply at what happened to those 3 Sacrificial Toothbrushes. After the Stones dried and the white had re-appeared, Richard tended them again, until the white was removed. The Stones now carry their original color and pattern, which was a factor in their selection.

The Rock Wall and Hearth are now complete. We have a phone call into the Folks who will install the Wood Stove. Hopefully that will happen in the next few days. The Weather is perfect for firing it up.

As we look at the Beauty of this Wall, we conclude that whole project is a labor of love and work of art. I am happy to report that this project has firmly made this little House our Home.

~~~~Note: Do you see "Big Bird"? This little Child's Toy was a favorite in our Garden in the North Country. Somehow, it is quite fitting for Big Bird to appear along the Stone Wall. Many of these Stones would have been his companions in our Garden up North. Plus, his presence completes our design with a reminder that Whimsy is an integral part of our practice too.


Sue said...

That wall certainly turned out great. What's next on the agenda?

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