Friday, October 30, 2009

Rainy Day

October 29:

We have a Rainy Day today. It is dark and overcast. Clouds are hanging low. We seem to be sitting in the middle of occasional downpours and they don't seem to want to stop.

It is a slow day out here on the Farm. Although we don't seem to need the Rain (that's the Human Assessment), we are grateful that the Pace is slow after the Frenzy of the Harvest Season.

On this day, we 3 C's are meandering between quiet Comtemplative Time, putting away much of the remaining Stashes of Seeds, considering an Oven Dinner, musing over Cups of Tea.

A Roast is in the Oven. It will cook all day, with Root Veggies added that last hour or so before Dinner. We don't quite smell it yet. Perhaps we should go outside and step back in just to check. Melanie has plans for trying out a new Recipe for Carrot Cake. This Recipe has all Whole Wheat Flour and will feature Carrots grown right here on the Farm.

We 3 C's have also been mulling over some topics which have been patiently awaiting their turn. While we sat over Cups of Tea this morning, we each shared thoughts on Storage in the Basement and Organization for the Workshop.We even considered that Question we have long set aside: "What do you do with Chickens who are 2 years old and past their peak of Egg Productivity?" That's a tough one.

A Retirement Home for Hennies and their Rooster probably isn't practical, nor really an Authentic Farm thing to do. So what else is possible? We shall be very mindful in our consideration of this one. All our Chickens have names.

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