Sunday, October 18, 2009

Great Aunt Mary's Butter Churn

Melanie is making Butter today. Until this Summer, she made it with Dazey Churns. When we 1st came, she used the Dazey Churn from Richard's Childhood which he and his Brothers would have used. We wanted to keep that Family Dazey Churn in the best condition, so we put out the word we would like to find a replacement.

Gerald and Connie found an antique Dazey Churn which Melanie used as replacement for the Family Heirloom. The Precious Family Heirloom usually sits on top of the China Closet quietly overseeing the process and all the developments in our Farm Kitchen Whirl.

This summer, Melanie had problems making Butter. We are not sure why. It took forever to begin to turn to Butter. And the Quantity was far reduced. At that time, she made a discovery that the Cuisinart actually captures considerably more Butter per Gallon. It was also quicker. So we have switched to a Modern Day Invention in making our own Butter.

With a look of whimsy, Melanie said today: "I am making Butter using Great Aunt Mary's Butter Churn." That would be Aunt Mary's Cuisinart which Mother and Dad sent to us after my Father's oldest Sister had passed. Although Aunt Mary was a fantastic Cook and a Restaurant Operator, we doubt she used the Cuisinart for making Butter.

We laughed about what Melanie had said. I think Aunt Mary (and a lot of our Kin of that vintage and before) would laugh too. We are not opposed to using modern day inventions. We just like to live as simply as we can. Those old ways are often the best.

But we are left with a question: What happened with the Butter this Summer? If Melanie was to switch back to the Dazey Churn, would the results be any different as we (and the Cows) move into Winter? The Learnin' never stops on the Farm.

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