Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Painter's Palette

I absolutely love Fall. While I love all the Seasons, Fall may be tops on my List. The Falls are generally simply Radiant in these parts.

On this day, we surely must be at the Peak of Color. I am so glad that I took time for a Walkabout.

While some Trees have dropped their Leaves, others are in Full Array of those Luscious Fall Colors. The Painter's Palette surely must have had generous dabs of Reds, Yellows, Oranges. Soft Browns are coming up. The cool season Grass is a happy Green which is excellent contrast. Some of the Trees are still hanging on to their Green too. Most of the Flowers are gone except for some Sprinkles of Color tucked all about: Mums in my Flower Garden, Purple and White Asters and even some Yellow Goldenrod on the Meadow.One of my favorite activities of the Fall is just to sit and watch the Leaves fall. They just seem to dance like Butterflies as they cascade from the Sky. Sometimes, only a few fall as if they are the main act in the show. Other times, it is almost like the Heavens themselves opened up and all the Leaves that could be found just descended.I saw a hole in some Grass which surely must be the Home of a Furry Creature. The outside of the Nest looked all neat and tidy. I wondered what this Little Neighbor did for his or her Winter Preparations. If he is like the Humans, he surely has been madly scurrying about.

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Sue said...

What gorgeous pictures.
I think Fall truly is the best season of all-though just a little too short!