Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tomatoes in Newspaper

We are always up for ways to extend the Season of our Fresh Produce. Mother and Dad wrapped Green Tomatoes in Newspapers at the end of the Season. Then they placed them in a box and put them in a cool (not cold) place. By some magic that I do not understand, the Green Tomatoes slowly ripen. We have been doing this too. We keep checking to cull out those that are not doing so well and to eat those that are ripe.

We extended our harvest of Tomatoes until Christmas Eve last year. Our Family Tradition for this Meal on this Night is Homemade Ravioli. Richard's is the best. A Salad with Fresh Tomato from our Garden was a perfect side.


Sue said...

I've always heard of folks doing this, but have alwys wanted to know-do they taste like they are from the garden, or do they get that bland taste from not being vine ripened in the sun??? I would like to try this, but always end up convincing myself the taste wouldn't be worth it.

Butterfly Hill Farm, said...

Hi Sue ~

I, too, was skeptical of extending the tomato season this way, but after having a fresh tomato from my garden on my Christmas Eve salad last year, I was convinced that this process works well. True, the tomatoes aren't as plump as they would be ripened on the vine, but they are heaps better than a grocery store tomato.

Melanie :)

interestingbeing said...

My parents will be very excited to hear about this! How do you know when they are ready? Do you need to peek or do you just know? I am amazed at the bounty of the gardens. One day when I'm brave.... :)

Butterfly Hill Farm, said...

I do check on the tomatoes occasionally to make sure they aren't spoiling. Select only the best for splits, bruises, etc. as those will spoil quickly.

Good Luck!
:) Melanie