Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tanks, Part 2

Many Women (and a few Men) are known for their Intuition. I have come to know that as a "Gut Sense" that just cannot be denied. I experience it as a thought that just will not go away. I used to dismiss it, but I have learned not to do that. These days, one of those thoughts relates to Obesity.

Obesity in this Culture is on the Rise. I certainly can see that Rise in my Lifetime. Plus, I have traveled some internationally. I have been shocked to see how different we are in size compared to our more compact and efficient Global Neighbors. It is striking.

Considerable attention has been given to Obesity in this Country, and particularly Obesity in Children. Fingers are pointed. The standard is that the Person should just change patterns, eat less, and exercise more. That may or may not be an easy thing to do.

Food is "comfort" in our Culture. We may be drawn to Food almost as an addiction. I believe those to be true. But is there more: Is that alteration in Body size symtomatic of something far deeper?

Digging beneath the layers, I wonder if the increase in Obesity is in part because our Bodies are not getting the Nutrients they need. That could be because of the Foods we choose to eat. It could be because those Foods are raised on increasingly impoverished Soils. Those Soils have fewer of the Nutrients that we need.

Because our Bodies are not getting those Nutrients, the Body may be signalling: "Eat more." Just a thought. We need to be putting our most creative and most far out there thoughts on the Table. A lot is at Stake.

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