Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mr. Sweet Potato Duck

It seems that our past and our present are being woven together quite nicely. For those who have known Richard for some time, they know that he has studied Ducks and other Waterfowl as a Professional Biologist for Decades. As he and Melanie dug the Sweet Potatoes on Friday, we discovered one that looks like a Duck: Mr. S. P. Duck. We really got a chuckle out of this one. I can imagine that if any of his former Colleagues and fellow Birders get to see this, they will chuckle too.

When we moved to North Dakota in the mid 1970s, the local Weatherman on TV would often feature unusual Vegetables that People shared with him. The Cameras would do their best to get close up shots and Dewey Berkquist would add stories too. Just thinking about such antics is a reminder of the changes in our times. Such sharing would clearly be beyond the frame these days.

But back to Dewey: As Dewey would close his part of the Evening Report, he would often have a few extra seconds. If he did, he would announce a "Dewey Stare Down" with his audience, followed by "You're dismissed." The Camera and Audience would then move on to other things.

If I may borrow from Mr. Berkquist, "You're dismissed."

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