Sunday, October 4, 2009

Seasons Are Shifting

October 2:

Melanie, Cornelia (the Hug Crow) and I stand in the Cold Winds. Clearly, the Seasons are shifting. The Garden is vibrant, yet fading. While we will likely still have Warm Weather on this shoulder between Fall and Winter, I yielded and dug out Winter Clothes yesterday. With glee, I even found the Flannel Sheets.

As we were taking Bee and Severine through the Garden today, Melanie and I noted that the Sweet Potato Foliage had a change in color. The Summer Dark Green was replaced by a touch of Fall Gold. Sweet Potatoes do not tolerate frost. In fact, Frost renders them inedible. That is not our plan. Such signs cause us to move fast.

This evening, Richard cut off the long Vines of the Sweet Potatoes. We will harvest the Roots in the next 2 to 3 days. We will watch carefully for predictions of Frost. If such is predicted, we will dig them sooner.

I noted other actions I needed to take. I took cuttings off the variety of Coleus Foliage and then put them in water to root over the coming months. The Grandmas would have done that long ago. The rooted Coleus will be ready to go again next Summer. I also cut Rosemary to dry. Garden 2009 is winding down.

In thinking about dear Cornelia, I wonder if I should check out some Warmer Wraps for her. She might especially like a Hat. And as I look at this picture, she surely needs a Scarf for her Skinny Little Neck.

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