Thursday, October 15, 2009


We love Fresh Ginger. We usually stock up any time we are close to an Organic Food Store. We use it for Seasoning. Plus, I love to grate it and put it in Hot Water. It is an excellent "warming Tea" for the Winter Season. It seems to warm me from the inside out. My Body likes that.

While at an Organic Food Store last spring, I asked if I could grow Ginger. The 2 Clerks said yes. At their instructions, I bought a root which already had evidences of growth. I placed the Root in a pot of Soil just at or below the Soil Line. I kept it watered. While it did grow, it was not happy until I put it outside. At that point, I just forgot about it.

In the last couple of days, Melanie removed the Soil and this is what she found. The Brown Parts are the part we bought. The Yellow and Red Parts are this Summer's Growth.

This is surely not much for us, but it is an idea I would like to try again. I need to read and understand more. Put that on Next Year's "to do" list.

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