Friday, October 9, 2009

I Love Cosmos

October 8:

I simply love Cosmos. The Cosmos dance on tall slender stems above fern like foliage. Apparently my Grandfather Fred Albert Brenz who was also a Gardener loved them too. He died in 1944, 4 years before I was born.

Cosmos seem to get a slow start through the Summer and then come on strong in late Summer and Fall. It is amazing to me that Cosmos is at its Peak just before the Frost. In fact, I would call the Cosmos peak a marker that the Growing Season is just about complete. Get ready. Frost is comin'.

I was telling Richard that it seems further amazing to me that the lovely Cosmos seem to have no clue that their bloom time will be very short. Or maybe they do. Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned for their Human Companions. They seem to live each day as if it is their last. Richard said that reminded him of an age old Poem.

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