Saturday, October 24, 2009


October 23:

These days, the Garden is being put to bed, and the late Season Veggies and Seeds are being processed. The pace is slowing a bit. It sometimes looks a little Chaotic, but we are seeing the end of Harvest.

Yesterday began a Rainy Spell. Since Outside Work was limited, Inside Chores came more clearly into focus. Among other things, Richard cleaned out the upright Freezer. Before organizing the Freezer Stash, he and Melanie took inventory of what is in that Freezer. We have some decisions to make because Freezer demand will increase through November. One surely must be a Wizard to get it all packed in. For sure, we will be canning some Meat, because we like it and because we need to free up the space. Deer Season is right around the corner.

Meanwhile, every few days, a new little Parade of Green Tomatoes is ripening on the Dining Room Window Sill. We are extending the Fresh Season as long as we can. Aren't Tomatoes on the Window Sill standard for a Farm House at this Season?

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