Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Closer to a Book

I have long know that I would write a Book. I just was not sure when. For a long time, nothing much would come. Sure, I did the perfunctory Academic Writing as a University Professor. I always tried to make sure that the substance I chose to address would make a difference. I surely believe that most of the time it did. I didn't want my writing to be another Academic Epistle that simply wasted Time and Trees, and gathered Dust. We had far too much of that.

In those years, sometimes I was on Fire and the words would come. More often, they would smolder like a wet Punk, never quite catching Fire. I have come to know that I was "sitting" with that Energy. I had a lot to learn before I was ready to write. The "Book" simply hadn't quite cooked yet. Or perhaps it was me.

Well, these days I am on Fire. I just cannot stop writing. I had the Blessed experience of sitting amidst the presence of greatness all those years, especially the last 15. When I was ready, the Words came. That moment of readiness seems to be these days on this lovely Little Farm. There is something about living in the Rhythms of Nature that just puts it altogether. Or perhaps gives a powerful Nudge.

And yes, the Words now are like a free flowing River which has just now made it through a Log Jam (or an Ice Jam). Living 1/2 mile from the Red River of the North for those 30 some years, I see and hear some powerful images and sounds.

As a result, I am putting the Words into Files and on Paper as quickly as I can. You should hear these Keys clatter away. Sometimes I have a hard time keeping up with them. If you have been following this Blog, you may be nodding away.

On this day, I am taking some time to get the Texts copied and put in some order that will reveal the Book that needs to be submitted. I shall be doing that more and more over time. And yes, I fully expect that the Words will continue to come too.

Thanks, Dear Reader, for following this Blog and the developments which sometimes mystify me. About a month ago, I put a statistical counter on the Blog. This permits me to gather more specific information about the Blog's use and content which will help me into those next stages. I have been surprised at counts. Melanie says: "Mom, are you really? You may be the only one who is." These words on this little Blog seem to be striking a chord.

We are all trying to find our purpose on this Planet at this amazing time. Among other things, this just happens to be mine.

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