Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Comin' Along

The Rock Wall is comin' along. We are so excited. Richard is on a roll. He has the "Mud" just the consistency that he likes. When he "throws it" against the wall, it even sounds like the way my Father used to do it. Simple Memories are amazing; even "sounds" factor in. Those Little Things surround oneself with the Familiar, yet they had not been heard for some time, decades in this case.

Dick Gregory, someone who was trained by my Father in the mid 50s said yesterday that Richard would know what he was doing by the time he got to the top. The Top is now within Reach. I suspect the Wall itself will be done in the next couple of days. Details with finishing will take a couple days after that. Assuming all goes according to our lovely Human Plans, we should have the Wood Stove installed next week.

For Friends and Family out there who have contributed Rocks: Do you see the Rock/s that you have contributed? This is not a simple Rock Wall. It is memory wall that marks our Journeys and so many who have been a part. You could call it a "House Warming" too. The whole Process just makes me smile. The Rock Wall is already emitting Warmth, and the Fires have not even been lit.

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