Thursday, October 1, 2009

Good Call

Earlier in the week, we had Winds which were challenging the Vertical Nature of the remaining Sorghum Canes. On Tuesday morning, Richard's brother Hollis looked at the Forecast and noted Rain for Thursday. At that time, Hollis made the call that we would make the last Batch of Molasses of the Season on Wednesday (which meant that Harvest would be on Tuesday).

Tuesday and Wednesday were beautiful Fall Days, excellent for harvesting Cane, sending the Cane through the Mill, boiling Juice into Syrup. I can say that with 100% accuracy since I am looking over my shoulder. We were just plain tuckered out on Wednesday evening. I am not so sure why Molasses Making is so wearing, but it just is.

We awoke on Thursday morning to Rain and Dark Skies which have lasted throughout the Day. We had some details to take care of today which included bottling the Molasses and getting caught up on things which had been set aside. But the order of the Day was "Low Gear" and "Rest". Naps were good. The tiredness has lost its edge and is now replaced by a warm glow that we completed what we intended and we are deeply grateful.

I look back on that decision by Hollis on Tuesday and I conclude: "Good Call."

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