Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Garlic Planting

October 20:

Today, the Weather is just beautiful. While we have overcast to partly cloudy Skies and a few scattered Rain Drops, the Temperature is warm. We are reminded that the Days of the Garden are dwindling. Fast.

We are planting Garlic and gathering Seeds. We were excited when Richard began working on the Garlic Bed. He has added considerable Soil Amendments to this Bed in the last 2 years(our own Compost, Soil, Chicken Manure, Aged Cow Compost, Straw, Green Material). For the 1st time since we began gardening here, we could see that the Soil was rich, black, and filled with living Organic Matter. We were excited. This is exactly our Goal for the Farm. To see it met in a small way was significant.

Back to the Garlic: Garlic was planted in 2 beds and in the following varieties: Russian Giant (47), Spanish Rojas (30), Georgian Fire (39), German Extra Hardy (68), Elephant (12), our friend Mike's (87). That is 283 Cloves in total. Cloves make Heads of Garlic to be harvested next Summer. Just because we planted 283 Cloves doesn't mean we will have 283 Heads.

Yes, that is a lot of Garlic. And yes, we 3 C's use a lot of Garlic. I think my Croatian Grandma Dora would be pleased with the Human use of Garlic. Melanie reminds me that we do use the Garlic for the Chickens, by putting it in their Water whenever they seem to need it. Garlic is a natural Antibiotic.

After planting, the Garlic was covered with Soil and a nice blanket of Straw. Then Richard put fencing around the bed to keep the Straw in place.

Tonight, we are leading a discussion on "Reclaiming Gardening Traditions" with the Adair County Master Gardeners. That should be neat. I better shift gears.

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