Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rainy Day

These last few days, we have had beautiful Weather, just perfect for working in the Garden on those late Fall tasks. Yesterday, the Weather Forecast said Rain was on the way and it would stay for a while. We scratched our heads and noted some inside tasks that are waiting their turn. "We will do this", and "we will do that". New lists were emerging.

Melanie laughed and said that when the Rain comes, it is rather time to rest a bit. That seems very appropriate considering the intensity of the Harvest Season with all the et cetera around here since August 1. Richard said he was looking forward to getting into a good book.

Sarah Saltmarsh sent an article which is an interview with Bill Mollison, the founder of Permaculture. Its extremely tiny print makes it a tough read. We 3 C's are picking it up, reading a few paragraphs, digesting it, and talking about it. Attention spans are kind of limited around here these days, so that seems a perfect approach.

Earlier this morning, Melanie and I worked with Seeds we have been saving. We were making sure they are drying nicely, and winnowing them as appropriate. I must say those Petunia Seeds are just absolutely Tiny. Winnowing them would result in planting them.

I may have gotten a few tiny Petunia Seeds under my Nails. And of course, there is Garden Soil under them too. That sounds like perfect conditions for germinating and creating a new trend among Gardeners for Nails. Can you even imagine what that would look like to have Petunias growing and flowering from underneath one's Nails? Some would think we were getting a little carried away with this "Back to the Earth", "Back to the Farm" movement. We would surely have to clean up a bit more for those trips to Town.

Yes, we will do some inside chores today. A slower pace will be just right. Whimsy tucked inbetween will be nice too.

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