Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Get It Now

When Richard and I were newly married in the late 60s, we were intent with our own bonding and our studies as surely we needed to be. We always took heavier loads in school as we were intent on completing College as soon as we could. That approach would be cheaper and we were very goal oriented. Sometimes I am not so sure why we were in a hurry, but we were.

Our cram-packed days shifted between classes, projects, work schedules (I worked at the library and he worked at the bookstore; that last year he was teaching school), studying, time together, home, and time with Family and Friends.

We were young. I was 18 when we got married and he was 19. We completed school in August of 1969 when I was 20 and he was 21. We had some growing up to do in those times. While we were intent on being Adults, there were things we just could not know. One of those keeps arising in my experiences right here on the Farm.

Richard came from a Farm Background. I did not, as I grew up in Town. His Parents needed his help on the Farm for certain seasonal demands. They took care of the routine daily chores. But when those occasions arose that necessitated extra hands, our Phone would ring. No matter how busy or tired Richard was in studying for Tests or completing Projects, he would take off for the Farm.

I just could not understand it then. My perfunctory life in Town revolved around a fixed schedule of expectations, which included classes and work schedules set far in advance. In the middle of those schedules, I had flexible time for me. I wasn't used to some kind of Boss (and in this case, Nature) turning my schedules upside down and making some Task outside myself a priority.

But, these days, I can say that "I get it now." On Butterfly Hill Farm where we 3 C's are trying to live as sustainably as we can, we must pay close attention to Nature's Cycles. If we hold in highest regard only Human Demands, we would lose out. In the old days of long ago, I think we would be hungry and quick.

We now have almost completed 3 growing seasons on this Little Farm. I must say that I had some kind of resistance to many of the occasions where Nature demanded that we move and quick. That resistance is fading. I am slowly but surely finding more of a flow and a peace about these things. And I am deeply grateful that we have been given this extraordinary chance to learn.

It seems to me that so many of the actions of Humans these days come from the Town mentality that I once knew. When Nature nudges, we Humans better move. Our sustainability depends on it. Plus, it is a lot more peaceful, joyful and hopeful besides.

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