Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Growing Stash of Seeds

October 24:

The Fresh Produce that we gathered from the Garden before that Big Frost has mostly been processed. Some Veggies are still waiting in the Wings for their own time on center stage. We are surely not forgetting those beautiful Jonathan Apples in the Garage.

These days the Produce on those Horizontal Surfaces in the Dining Room has been replaced by a growing stash of Seeds. The little collection in brown paper bags above proudly sports several varieties of Basil Seeds. The Basil Seeds were gathered before the Frost and are drying in those Brown Bags which are open to the Air. Compared to previous years, we 3 C's are collecting more and more Seeds. We surely have a lot to learn about this essential craft.

In the meantime, the Sun shines down through all of these doin's. And as we look closely, that Glorious Sun is sinking farther South as it makes its way across our Late Autumn Sky.

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