Saturday, October 10, 2009

We Did It!

We did it! After a dream of 4 years, we completed the Rock Wall in the Family Room of our New House today. While Richard headed up the process, Melanie and I joined in at various times. Today was that long anticipated day when the project was at last complete. I shall be writing more of this. This little act has surely made our House more our Home.

I called Deleta to let the 2 of them know and to thank them for helping us with Rocks yesterday. We plan to take pictures of the Rock Wall and to note where the Rocks came from. I feel like I should call everyone involved and give them a huge "Thanks!" I know I will say "Thanks" every time I look at the Rock Wall and am warmed by the Wood Stove in front of it. Those gifts of Rocks are a wonderful House Warming.We still need to "clean" the surface of the Stones and the Mortar. When that is complete, we will be ready for the Wood Stove to be put into place. That should happen this next week. We are really excited.

As per usual, we had some "sidebars" going on. We had Frost last night and a Hard Freeze is predicted for tonight. Melanie took the lead for Garden Tending which included protecting and gathering Plants and Herbs, and putting away some Garden Gifts for the Winter Season.

I made a huge pot of Chili on this Day from fresh Garden Produce (Tomatoes, Peppers, Onions, Garlic, Herbs) plus Ground Beef from one of Rolf's Steers. I headed back and forth between the Kitchen and the Family Room gently tending projects in both places.

I called the Chili "Wood Stove Chili". I will be freezing it tomorrow. I may even try canning a Quart or 2; I haven't done this before. Our Freezer Space is at premium, so Canning looks like a good option. We just need to make sure we like the Chili canned. You could call it another little experiment right here on Butterfly Hill Farm. Regardless, we anticipate enjoying Chili on those Wintry days ahead when the Wood Stove is heating up our Little Home.

Max, the Cat, is pleased with the new developments too.


Sue said...

I LOVE it!!
Of course, living in an old stone cottage, that's a given.....
It turned out great. You must be very proud.

Butterfly Hill Farm, said...

Greetings, Sue. Thanks for your comments. We have missed you. In the words of Melanie: "Where have you been?" I can imagine you have been harvesting too. Busy wishes always, glinda