Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Taking Up the Slack

Our Mature Hennies (those from 2007 and 2008) are mostly still molting. Freddie is too. They surely must be knitting their new Coats for the upcoming Winter Season.

When molting, Egg Production of the Hennies is down. That has meant that Egg Customers (and the Farmers who raise the Hennies) get fewer Eggs. Earlier this week, I made an Apple Pancake with 2 Eggs. Normally, I would have doubled the recipe, but I couldn't because we 3 C's only had 2 Eggs. Melanie had been setting Eggs aside for our Customers who factor into our equation too. "Making do" is an important Life Skill and ever so evident as an essential Farm Skill.

Today, we had 5 Pullet Eggs to add to the 8 Eggs of the "Big Sisters". Those 6 Black Australorps are taking up the Slack. They are 5 Months and 3 Weeks Old.

Pullet Eggs are smaller. I am assuming you can pick them out in the picture above. In the space of 2-3 more months, the Eggs should be adult size. Melanie includes the Pullet Eggs in the Carton of Eggs for our Egg Customers. The Egg Customers report that they like them. They like the variety of size. Somehow, it is kind of magical knowing that the Eggs are the 1st ones laid by the new Hennies. Those new Hennies surely are proud of those Eggs. It seems an appropriate response that we Humans should be proud of them too.

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Michelle J said...

Our pullets just gave us our first two eggs yesterday. We ate the eggs with dinner tonight and they were wonderful. :)