Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sorghum, Please

The spotlight on the Family Molasses Making on Local News yielded 1 Voice Mail message last evening. An elderly woman whom I did not know at 1st introduced herself by name and then said: "I am 80 years old and I love Sorghum. Is there any way that I can get some?"

Melanie later talked with her and she set things up. "Mom, you are going to love this lady." Richard and I stopped by her house this morning; I held a Pint of Sorghum/Molasses in my hand. While on oxygen most of the time, she had a real spring to her step as she reached beyond the screen door to take that Precious Pint filled with that Golden Syrup. "I called my Sister and told her I was going to make Biscuits and put Molasses on top." "You saved my life."

Reclaiming this Tradition of making Molasses has been a draw for our Family and me for some time. Sharing Molasses with older Folks has been a draw for me too. Those Folks have watched so many traditions of meaning get cast aside in our throw away society. Those traditions have been replaced by the latest Fad which will be discarded quicker than the one before. I sometimes wonder if those Elders feel like they are being discarded too.

I have long since discovered that in Foods and Recipes, Memories are stored. When we touch those Foods with their long histories, the Dance of Life resumes. If I had my way about it, I would bring back as many of those Foods as I could. "Sorghum, Please." Let the Memories, the Growing, and the Dance of Life flow.

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